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How to Book & Cancel Yoga Classes

Our complete timetable of yoga classes is below. Please also note, we use the online site Punchpass to manage all of class schedules. you can no longer book into classes without an account with Punchpass.

We have weekly classes for all levels, from beginner through to intermediate and advanced, It is recommended that you book for any yoga class you do, at any level. This is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended because it will make sure that classes are a comfortable size. (See also how to cancel below, as a courtesy to others).

Please only book classes up to seven days in advance of any particular class, especially BEGINNER classes. This gives everyone an ongoing fair go at booking classes.

It also overcomes the problem when people forget to cancel a class they can’t attend. We find classes are often booked out, but the “no shows” means there are spaces available. In the meantime, other students have missed out on using those spaces.

For this reason, we are likely to cancel classes that are booked more than seven days in advance. Where this happens, please just re-book within the seven day time period.

If you have previously booked a class, we have created an account on your behalf, using the the email address you provided. Please reset the password to gain access. 

  • If you haven’t booked a class before, click the ‘create account’ button and open your own account (remember your password)
  • If you are a Direct Debit or a 10 Pass holder, click 'create account' button and open your own account (remember your password), and track your history
  • If you have an existing account, click ‘sign-in
  • Once you have created your account or signed in, you’ll arrive at the button called class schedule – list
  • Reserve your class:
    • Beginners - select the beginners yoga class you want to book, fill in your details and reserve your spot
    • Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate, Experienced, Gentle Yoga, Individual Needs, Relax and Renew - select the class you want to book fill in your details and Reserve your spot.
  • You can also use the button ‘class schedule – calendar’ to look at classes by the month
  • When looking at classes by the month use the tab at the top, to page through the months.

To see the full schedule of ALL classes, click here.

Have you completed your Medical Information / Health Form?

As a student of Flametree Yoga Studio, you are required to provide us with your Medical History. If you are new to Flametree Yoga or have not previously completed the form, would you please click this link to complete it

Yoga by the water

Not able to attend a class?

No problem…but please cancel the reservation... because others can then attend.

There are 2 ways to cancel your reservation…
1... log into your Punchpass account below. In here you will see a list of your upcoming reservations. To cancel, simply select the ‘cancel’ option to the right of your class
2... Every time you make a reservation, you will receive an email confirmation. On this confirmation is a link to ‘click here to cancel this reservation’.

Beginners Yoga Classes